from analysis to strategy

basic analyses

We will analyze the market: to get an organic framework on which to lay the foundations for achieving the objectives. This is the starting point. Research, study, planning, target, communication, placement and everything that allows you to develop the next steps.

We will analyze the company: identify the objectives that the company is pursuing and, if necessary, improve and optimize the standards through the SWOT analysis in order to identify and achieve the new objectives.

The product: the first of the 4 levers of the marketing mix, must be constantly in tune with the real needs of consumers. To ensure that it is a successful product, we will analyze the differentiations that the competition induces, the technological innovations, ease of use, its effectiveness and other relevant factors.

In pills
  • Competitor analysis
  • Needs analysis
  • Direct marketing actions
  • customer care
  • Lead generation
  • Organization of events
  • Logistics and transport
  • Certifications

In details ...


Discover the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors by observing the choices and strategies in the market segment.

Customer needs

Put in the customers' shoes, listen to their needs, build a human relationship, understand what their needs, dissatisfaction and goals.

Direct marketing

Effectively use direct-to-consumer communication tools and produce measurable responses: promote and advertise to achieve sales.

Customer care

Humanizing the brand, providing an efficient assistance service, guiding and supporting the customer even in after-sales which means building loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction and the corporate image.

Lead generation

Acquire and generate lists of really interested contacts. Implement various tools: production of qualified content, blogs, social networks, e-mail marketing, advertising and events in order to generate prospects and guide them towards purchasing.


Open houses, corporate events, exhibitions: all actions for a selected and truly interested public in order to transform them into customers. This requires preliminary and post-event work.

Building the business culture

the key to improving your standards