export italia


The studio

Export Italia Studio for international commercial development was born from the idea of providing a service to companies that do not have the funds or structures for a dedicated internal department. Since 2014 the studio has been accompanying companies in a process of commercial development, independently and in cooperation with expert external professionals, bringing the Made in Italy brand all over the world.

Official Partner

The Studio Export- Italia is the official partner of Scuola d'Impresa, a training and business consultancy company that has been operating on the national scene for years. 


new customers

Growing your business requires a dramatic increase in sales. This is possible through a studied and effective commercial action. You need to know who and how to sell to. Original ideas and marketing strategies are the key to achieving ambitious goals.

the strategy

Selling cannot be separated from knowledge: the market, the company, the product, the dynamics, the strengths and weaknesses are the basis for facing the market in a winning perspective. This is the only starting point to develop a successful strategy.

to reduce costs

Expanding the customer portfolio, building loyalty and reaching new markets requires investments in human and economic resources that are not always easy to make. The studio offers you all these services by reducing fixed costs and guiding you on a path of growth and development.

the export

The foreign market is always growing despite the deep crisis we are going through. There are markets eager for new products and services. To reach them, knowledge of economics, the market, languages, customs, logistics and laws is necessary.

The target

Support companies in the internationalization process and lead on new markets by creating a tailor-made sales network.

Why us?

thanks to the experience on international markets we are able to follow you throughout the internationalization process. Together, we will analyze your company's predisposition for export, creating the foundations and tools to be present on new markets.

partner ice

The ICE-Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies is the body through which the Government promotes the consolidation and economic-commercial development of our companies on foreign markets.

Thanks to an active and profitable collaboration with the ICE Agency, we are able to bring Italian production realities to international stages, participating in sector exhibitions, reducing costs for companies.

are you ready?

Do you want to find out your company's propensity to export? Contact us and we will analyze your company's export rate free of charge, we will point out the key points and give you directions on where to start.

financial resources

There are numerous Italian and European ministerial interventions in support of the internationalization process. Thanks to our consultants, it is possible to participate in these initiatives and obtain funds to be able to launch your company to conquer international markets.

the tools

From market analysis to company and product analysis, we will guide you step by step to identify the best markets. We will develop communication tools, marketing and commercial strategies to grow in international markets.